And the Two Shall Become One

I  Do

Your marriage ceremony is a public covenant to each other.  It is a serious and binding agreement.  Love, commitment, communication and patience strengthens and blessed this covenant.  

Love is patient and kind.  Love doesn't envy, boast or dishonor.  Love isn't self-seeking, easily angered or keeps a record of wrongs.  Love always protects, trusts, hopes and perserveres.  Love never fails.

Commmitment - is not a popular word in our culture. Our society emphasized individualism but commitment means putting your spouse's needs above your own.

Communication - is a continual exchanging of information, sharing feelings, hurts & joys.  Unwillingness to participate in communication does not build a good marriage.  It is a learned skill and often hard work but time must be spent in meaningful conversation. 

Patience - Special times, caring and patience makes a beautiful marriage. There will be conflict and irritations but these are the times when we learn & can practice patience. Marriage is the greatest opportunity for personal growth and the most rewarding relationship that you will ever have.

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